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Undergraduate programs

Chemical and biotechnological processes

Chemical Engineering
Biotechnology Engineering
Applied Chemical Engineering


Metallurgical Engineering
Applied Metallurgical Engineering
Mining Engineering

Big data

Biomedical Engineering
Informatics Engineering
Applied Computer and Informatics Engineering
Geomatics and Survey Engineering
Applied geomatics and survey engineering

Energy, environment and territory

Telematic Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Applied Electrical Engineering
Geographical Engineering
Environmental Engineering

Industrial and Structural Processes

Civil Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Applied Industrial Engineering

Graduate Programs

Research Programs:

  1. Master of Engineering Sciences mention in Electrical Engineering
  2. Master of Engineering Sciences mention in Structural Engineering
  3. Master of Engineering Sciences mention in Industrial Engineering
  4. Master of Engineering Sciences mention in Mechanical Engineering
  5. Master of Engineering Sciences mention in Extractive Metallurgy, Science and Materials Engineering
  6. Master of Engineering Sciences mention in Chemical Engineering
  7. Master in Food Technology

Professional Programs:

  1. Master in Industrial Engineering
  2. Master in Informatics Engineering
  3. Master in Environmental Engineering with specialization in environmental management and regulation
  4. Master in Environmental Engineering with specialization in waste management
  5. Master in Integrated Management System

PhD Programs:

  1. PhD in Engineering Sciences, mention Automation Engineering
  2. PhD in Engineering Sciences, mention in Material Sciences and Engineering
  3. PhD in Engineering Sciences, mention in Informatics
  4. PhD in Engineering Sciences, mention in Process Engineering

Continuing Education

Department of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering

-Green Hydrogen Course

-Diploma in Water Resources: processes and technologies for water purification and desalination

-Diploma in hydrogen economics

Department of Electrical Engineering

-Diploma in Energy and sustainable development

-Course on Innovation and development in electromobility

-Diploma in Renewable Energies and Energy Management

-Diploma in Electromobility

-Course on Design of AT and BT grounding grids

-DIgSILENT PowerFactory Course

-Course in Maintenance of Power Transformers

-Course in Maintenance of Instrument Transformers

-Diploma in Clinical Engineering and Hospital Maintenance

-Diploma in Operation of Electrical Power Systems

-Diploma in Regulation and Electrical Engineering Market

-Diploma in 5G: Technologies, Public Policies and Business Models

-Open Smart City Diploma: Technological Architecture, Municipal Associativism, Governance and Business Models

Department of Mechanical Engineering

-Diploma in Computational Mechanics

-Diploma in Maintenance Management

-Diploma in Energy Efficiency in Air Conditioning Systems

-Diploma in Engineering in Industrial Refrigeration with Ammonia

Department of Informatics Engineering

-Diploma in Applied Data Science

-Diploma in Cybersecurity (management, technical and legal)

-Diploma in Operational Risk and business continuity in processes and ICTs

-Diploma in Computer control, security and audit

-Diploma in IT assessment

Department of Industrial Engineering

-Diploma in Operational Health and Safety Management

-Diploma in quality management

-Diploma in Environmental Management

Department of Geospatial and Environmental Engineering

-Diploma in Quality Management of Geospatial Information

-Diploma in Use of Drones for Capture and Processing of Geospatial Information

-Diploma in Territorial Planning

-Diploma in environmental management

-Diploma in regional planning

Department of Civil Engineering

-Diploma in building projects management

-Diploma in sanitary works design and construction

-Diploma in technical inspection and works supervision

-Diploma in Real Estate Development and Investment

-International Diploma in Port Engineering

Department of Mining Engineering

-Diploma in mining