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The origins of the Faculty of Engineering begin with the foundation of the School of Arts and Crafts (EAO) in 1849 when the country was undergoing an accelerated modernization process, and there was a growing demand for developing technical education.

In its early years, the EAO had 24 students distributed across its four workshops: foundry, carpentry, mechanics, and blacksmithing. Its purpose was to contribute to the advancement of the less fortunate class by educating individuals who could support the nation's industrial scenario.

Later, in 1947, Universidad Nacional de Santiago and numerous other higher technical schools from across the nation came together to become Universidad Técnica del Estado (UTE). The school's initial specialties included Mechanical engineering, electricity, metallurgy, chemistry, and mines.

USACH School of Engineering is currently one of Chile's most consolidated schools. Its nine academic departments, more than 11,000 undergraduate students, 23 engineering programs (15 of which are in civil engineering), Master's degrees, Doctorates, and a continuing education offer designed to meet the needs of the industry, positions the school as a referent in the country.

Review the book "Engineering, a 100-year legacy" from the Usach Heritage Archive.


The Faculty of Engineering, alma mater of Universidad de Santiago de Chile, heir and custodian of a hundred-year-old tradition in engineering, contributes to the development of society, through:

1st. Mission: Complete comprehensive professional and graduate-level training in all areas of specialization.

2nd. Mission: The advancement of knowledge through outstanding scientific and technological research.

3rd. Mission: Outreach and Social Engagement and Internationalization through the sustainable development of projects with an intercultural and global perspective within the teaching-learning, research, transfer, and services, strengthening a continuous feedback link between the Faculty and Society.


The Faculty of Engineering at Universidad de Santiago de Chile is envisioned on a national and international scale for the promotion, advancement and sustainable development of Society via innovation with a scientific, technological, and social basis.


Dean: Dr. Cristian Vargas Riquelme

Faculty Secretary: Dr. María Teresa Santander

Vice Dean for Research, Development and Graduate Studies: Dr. Andrea Mahn Osses

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and Professional Training: Dra. Karina A. Barbosa

Vice Dean for Outreach and Social Engagement: Dr. René Garrido Lazo

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